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The NEW INFICON Vacuum Gauge Controller VGC083 is designed for use with passive gauge heads BAG05x and PGE050 in a fixed combination of two PGE050 gauges and one BAG05x gauge. The VGC083 controlls and monitors vacuum pressure from ATM down to 2.7×10-11mbar using the BAG and PGE gauges. Six (6) single-pole relays assignable to any of the gauge heads along with RS232 and RS485 interfaces aid in system integration. The rugged industrial design of the VGC083 in combination with the passive gauge heads provide a reliable and economical system for vacuum applications requiring a wide vacuum measurement range.



  • NEW Generation Passive Gauge Controller series is ready for order now !



  • Simple operation with special OLED display for parameter, sensor or general settings with softkeys

  • Very bright and clear LED display for long distance vacuum pressure read-out

  • Three analog outputs, user assignable to any of the gauges

  • Degas electron bombardment or I2R resistive heating for gauge conditioning depending on gauge head type

  • Remote digital I/O sensor & emission on/of

  • Sensor 1 can be automatically turned on/off from sensor 2 or 3

  • Three definable setpoints per channel with adjustable Hysteresis

  • RS232 / RS485 serial communication

  • 6 assignable single pole double through setpoint relays

  • Ion Gauge overpressure protection

  • Alternative active gauge use

  • User selectable Filament

  • Direct drop in replaces Granville-Phillips® Bayard-Alpert Gauge Controller 307 and Accessories

    (Granville-Phillips® and Mini-Convectron® are registered trademarks of MKS Instruments, Andover, MA)

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