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SE Series Safety Analyzer Blends Simplicity, Safety, and Reliability
01 October 2021 Extech Electronics Co.

Taipei, Taiwan — Extech Electronic Co. (EEC) announces the release of its latest product upgrade, the SE series electrical safety analyzer, combining the convenience of maximum output capacity with the enhanced safety offered by a true negative voltage tester. Featuring a maximum 500VA output, the SE series meets the high-capacity source standards for large electric motors found across a range of industrial settings, including the HVAC sector, while protecting the well-being of test operators. All this power is housed in a compact and convenient design for improved ease of use. The upgraded SE series will be available in late June.

High Output Combined with Improved Convenience

The 500VA output of the EEC SE series 4-in-1 electrical safety analyzer provides enough power to easily recreate operational conditions for a wide range of industrial settings without sacrificing convenience. The unit’s compact 2U (89mm) height makes it easy to integrate into systems while maximizing test space. The SE series also allows automation of multi-point testing with a single click. The result is increased productivity and safety as operators can now more easily scan a device under test (DUT) for potential electrical problems. The upgraded SE series is equipped with built-in or optional scanners to handle testing on multiple test points for computed tomography (CT), automotive controllers, and a wide range of home appliances. The tester features a large touch panel for user-friendly operation and control, and convenient test data storage via USB connection.

True Negative Voltage Enhances Operational Safety

Safety is a primary concern in today’s electric component manufacturing sector. True negative voltage testing units not only provide operators with the safest possible work environment, they also boost test reliability. EEC’s upgraded SE series electrical safety analyzers take full advantage of true negative voltage to protect workers while ensuring test integrity, particularly in test environments where moisture can influence results. With true negative voltage insulation resistance in testing, manufacturers can comply with IEEE Std. 43 standards for electric motors while improving their quality assurance/quality control processes.

A Feature-rich Testing Platform

The upgraded EEC SE series boasts a range of features to improve and enhance electrical safety analysis. The device’s built-in barcode interface supports scanning and capture of data from multiple vendors without requiring a computer connection. The ARC detection feature prevents poor gap spacing, which can result in dielectric breakdowns. EEC’s patented fast discharge function rapidly sheds excess electricity for greater user safety. All this adds up to an electrical safety analyzer that provides unmatched combination of safety, simplicity, and reliability — the EEC SE series.

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