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EAL–5000 Series Programmable AC Power Source


Pure Power, Pure Performance

The EAL-5000 series is the next generation high-performance programmable AC power source EEC ever created. Designed completely with the end-user in mind. The EAL-5000 series provide rich functionalities and product selections. Making it the ideal and cost-effective solution for all kinds of applications.


Surpassing the world electric demand

The world and product use on electricity differently. EAL-5000 series capable of outputting AC, DC, or AC+DC modes meeting numerous power demands. With wide ranges performance of up to 310V output voltage, 1,200Hz frequency, and various waveforms. Simulate real-world power distribution conditions at anywhere.

Detail simulation just got a lot easier

For R&D and Quality Assurance, a variety of pulses, and spikes simulation is critical. EAL built-in modes that is pre-compliance testing according to IEC 61000* standards. To simulate common grid faults, voltage dips, and other power abnormalities.

*The IEC 61000 standards tested includes IEC 61000-3-3,11,12, IEC 61000-4-11,13,14,28,29,34. Some conditions may apply. Contact EEC sales representatives for the complete information.