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Contura S400 Leak Detector for Packaging

Contura S400 Leak Detector for Packaging

New Technology for Detecting Leaks in MAP Food Packages

The innovative Contura S400 Leak Detector offers manufacturers of food packaging machines and the food industry, in general, a unique solution for detecting leaks in MAP (modified atmosphere packaging) and other flexible packages. Whether it is a gross leak or a fine leak that it is undetectable by the naked eye or by the water bath method, the unique technology of Contura S400 can detect any leak without tracer gas and without damage to the package. 

The principle of operation is also simple and accurate. The foil chamber consists of two highly elastic membranes. By creating a vacuum, these membranes tightly enclose the tested package. The device analyzes the pressure increase in a few seconds. Contura S400 Leak Detector can then detect even the smallest leaks rapidly and reliably.


  • Non-destructive testing under vacuum in foil chamber
  • Even small leaks (size < 10 μm) can be detected in seconds
  • Detection of gross leaks even in packages with little headspace
  • Immediate display of measurement results
  • Storage and evaluation of measurement results
  • Designed according to DIN ISO certified documented output inspection
  • Large touchscreen display
  • Sampling of individual or multiple packages
  • Mobile stand-alone solution for different applications in a variety of production lines
  • Electronic operation requires no compressed air
  • Simple and safe cleaning to meet the strict hygiene requirements of the food industry