Leak Testing of Engines

28 Jun 2015

Today's engines are very sophisticated technical products which consist of many different components and their performance depends on a complex and interdependent operation of many different processes. therefore the manufacturing of such devices is complicated and challenging. many, if not all, vechicle manufacturers consider the engine as their core product. however, due to the complexity and variety of engine components, vehicle manufacturers produce ony certain key components ( cylinder head, camshaft, crankcase, crankshaft, connecting rod, the so-called five - C's) and buy most other components from outside suppliers. it is at the manufacturing facility that the whole engine is assembled and tested. among the many tests performed, the engines are tested for leakage. This is especially important as any leakage can damage and may eventually destroy the entire engine. This application report will provide a general overview of the testing requirements, typical testing procedures and test methods for engine manufacturing testing.  more details please contact our team


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